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Free cheat sheet guides to jump start your training

Inside each cheat sheet tutorial, you will find keyboard shortcuts and helpful hints
while working in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word & more.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Photoshop - PC/Mac

Adobe Photoshop Free Cheat Sheet Download

Adobe Illustrator - PC/Mac

Adobe Illustrator Free Cheat Sheet Download

Adobe InDesign - PC/Mac

Adobe Indesign Free Cheat Sheet Download

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Cheat Sheet

Web Design, Photography & More

Design Fundamentals

Intro to Design Fundamentals Cheat Sheet

DSLR Photography

DSLR Photography Cheat Sheet


Web Design with HTML & CSS Cheat Sheet

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