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iPad or iPhone Classes

Conquer your iPhone or iPad classes and use it with confidence

Why Should I Take This Class?

iPad or iPhone ClassesHave you recently purchased an iPad or iPhone? Understanding how to use these Apple products can be frustrating at first.  Our iPad or iPhone classes are for beginners and can help you make the transition more seamless.

You bring your device, and we show you how to use it! This class covers all the basics of using your iPad or iPhone to its maximum potential.

Upon completion of our iPad & iPhone training, you will feel confident using your iPad or iPhone. All of our hands-on iPad or iPhone classes include a custom reference packet prepared by the DWC and one month of technical support.

These classes are not a series of videos.  All DWC iPad or iPhone classes are taught in a live format.  You will get your questions answered in real-time by a live instructor.

What Skills Will I Gain From This Class?

When you complete our Introduction to iPhone or iPad class, you will be able to:

  • Customize the device to fit your individual needs
  • Download apps to play games, check the weather, read the newspaper and more!
  • Organize your contacts list
  • Take pictures of friends and family

How Do I Get Started?

Click a class title below to view schedules and register.

Questions? Contact us at 970-980-8091.